Mission Statement

Inspiring Faith by Turning Savvy, Informed World Citizens into Successful Homeowners, Investors and Sellers


We are here to serve you. Whether it’s finding the perfect property or getting the most for your home, we are passionate about delivering the result you desire. Our core values are structured around our faith, our operations are executed using CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) processes and our financial management is based on the triple bottom line business model.

The BHF team specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of real estate transactions with extensive experience in traditional sales, short-sale, foreclosure (REO) sales, and investor purchases and sales. Coupled with vast regional knowledge we provide buyers more options and sellers more buyers.

Let us make your next home transaction less stressful, faster, and most importantly, rewarding.

I will represent Your interests in any real estate transaction by providing Aggressive, Professional, and Trustworthy service.

-Clinton James

Who is the BHF Team? Well, in short, we are a group of full time dedicated Real Estate Professionals with a proven track record of successful sales in an ever changing marketplace. We have extensive knowledge of the home buying and selling process, and can often spot problems and pitfalls before they even occur, helping the process go smoothly and efficiently. Our out-of-the-box, turn-key approach helps get the job done right… the first time!

BHF means Blessed and Highly Favored. These are words of affirmation that has changed Clinton’s perspective on how to live life to its fullest. Clinton believes that every day of life is a blessing and an opportunity at a second chance making us all highly favored.

What that means for you is that BHF Real Estate and Notary Service is driven by the understanding of the social responsibility that comes with making a profit.


Clinton James grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to San Diego CA for school through a soccer scholarship. His only possessions were $300 and a suitcase of clothes, Clinton’s first job while in college was manually digging irrigation ditches for a private owner of three houses who lived through the great depression and taught him that the best way to double his money was to work harder, then fold the money you earn into half to place back in your pocket.

family photo

His host family exposed him to the business of real estate in San Diego and the social responsibility of making a profit. These were the experiences that strengthened his faith and taught him the return on investment of honest, hard work. Needless to say 4yrs later his first deal in real estate came from one of the houses he labored on.

In 2004 he entered the real estate market as a sales agent, later to become a real estate broker by 2007 then a partner in a real estate company. The 2008 economy challenged him to go back to school. As a student of business he is now inspired by the processes, technology and skills that can be applied to provide a higher quality of service to his clients. This is how the concept of blessed and highly favored real estate and notary service was born.

Clinton is a family man with a devotion to God, his beautiful wife, and four children. An athlete by nature, he has a a passion for long distance running and public speaking taking on challenges from the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon to starting a successful toastmasters club at his church. He continually challenges himself. In 2012 He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in International Business and in December 2013, completed his MBA with a 3.92 GPA and academic honors. His true passion in life now is to empower people to live in faith and go after their dreams. Clinton is willing to roll up his sleeves and work hard as a real estate professional committed not only to a successful outcome, but also to making the process of buying or selling property enjoyable, and socially responsible. He is a visionary leader in a generation that wants more than to turn a profit but also do something for the greater good, around the world for those in need of capital for change and by financially contributing to the teaching and preservation of faith.

So whether you’re just beginning to explore buying or selling or you’re ready to dive in, set up an appointment to discuss the ways he can help you achieve your goals, It would be an honor for him to be part of your journey either as your real estate agent or your prayer supporter.